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A unique institute

A scientific research center for technological innovation and musical creation, a place for training and transmission, IRCAM brings together artists and scientists for joint, unifying projects.

IRCAM’s activity is located at the intersection of laboratory and university, of art school and workshop. From its very beginning and through the vision of its founder, Pierre Boulez, IRCAM, an associated department of the Centre Pompidou, anticipated the digital revolution and the resulting changes in languages and artistic practives. Today, the largest public institute dedicated to music and sound, has become a major player in the multidisciplinary world where designers meet the live performers of the “arts of time” (e.g. musical creation, opera, dance, theater, video, film, sound design).

Supported through French and international partnerships IRCAM’s mission focuses on three aspects: musical research – the largest domain, sound research – the most varied domain, and scientific research – the broadest domain. This mission is incarnated by a body of works and knowledge that mobilizes artists and researchers worldwide and responds to several functions:

Creating new knowledge testing and creating prototypes

Exposing this body of work in public during artistic and scientific rendez vous

Committing to surfacing creation and new digital professions

Perpetuating and broadly circulating the contemporary musical repertoire

Transmitting the techniques and works to professionals and new audiences

A not-for-profit association (French law 1901), IRCAM is unique in its economic and cultural structure. Supported since its creation by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the mixed research laboratory STMS (Sciences and technologies of Music and Sound) housed by IRCAM, is under the tutelage of the CNRS and since 2010, that of the University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) and, in the framework of the project team MuTant, INRIA. This laboratory finances 50% of its activities through collaborative projects and industrial relations.

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By becoming partners with IRCAM, you become associated with one of the world’s most prestigious multidisciplinary institutes for research and artistic creation. You will share the values of a unique place where artists and scientist converse, where technologies and imaginations collide. You can be a part of the dynamic that carries these visionary projects.


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